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Preview #22 (Chem113A W’09, due Wed. 2/25/09 at 12:05pm in class) Assigned reading: None Attendance record : I am [ ] present at or [ ] absent from this class meeting (see date and time above). Name: ________________________ Forming study groups is permissible, but you must construct your solutions independently. By writing down my name, I confirm that I strictly obey the academic ethic code when doing this preview and my statement on attendance (above) is correct. Please write down the names of everyone who you worked with on this preview in the space above. Dear Prof. Lin, TAs Michael and Luan: (please check one from the following options) [ ] Can you please mail my SE#3 and the rest of the Previews and Problem Sets to the following address? Thank you for paying the postage for me. I greatly appreciate it. ( ) Please gift-wrap it, as I wish to use my accomplishments in this course to prove worthy of continuous support from someone special. (Gift-wrapping is time-consuming, but if it is helpful, the teaching staff
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Unformatted text preview: will be delighted to do it for you.) ( ) Please include the following message in a card (thanks for paying the card for me) or I will give you a card with message. [ ] Can you please hold my SE#3 and the rest of the graded Previews and Problem Sets? I will drop by Prof. Lin’s office to pick them up when I come back to school after the break. [ ] Other (please instruct us when you are ready, [email protected]): Sincerely, Your Chem113A W’09 student (name) ____________________________________ ======================================================================== Message to be included in the packet: ======================================================================== From: Prof. Yung-Ya Lin Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA 607 Charles E. Young Dr. East Los Angeles, CA 90095-1569 To: (Name) (Address)...
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