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Case Study #5: Design of a Bio-Artifical Kidney BEE 331 Background Acute renal failure is the total loss of kidney function, usually due to injury or severe infection, afflicting 190,000 people in the United States each year. The mortality rate for this serious condition is over 50%. Traditionally, renal failure has been treated by an extended dialysis of the blood, which allows the key waste products to filter out and salt concentrations to equilibrate to normal levels. However, a common side effect of dialysis treatment is the inadvertent filtration of necessary molecules found in the blood (electrolytes, glucose, and immune system components), causing a high failure rate. A new approach to treating renal failure has recently been proposed, with testing in animals 1 and humans 2 showing promising results. The treatment consists of filtering the patient’s blood through a new device called the renal tubule assist device for an extended period of time each day. The device is a bio-artifical kidney consisting of a bundle of narrow, porous tubules acting in parallel. Before use, healthy human kidney cells are grafted on the luminal surface of these tubules. These cells filter out the waste products in the patient’s blood but are impermeable to its essential components. Your medical design team is looking to optimize and improve the current prototypes of this device. You, being the fluid dynamics expert, are in charge of making key design decisions based on analyzing the blood flow through the bio-artifical kidney.
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Case_Study__5_Kidney - Case Study #5: Design of a...

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