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Case Study #2 Characterization of Blood Flow in Blood Vessels BEE 331 Bio-Fluid Mechanics Assignment Throughout the semester, we have made the major assumption that in most situations that blood can be modeled as a Newtonian fluid. In actuality, blood is a pseudo-plastic, and shear stress follows the power law as n dr du K = τ where, K >0 and 0 < n < 1 (1) As a general rule, the larger blood vessels can be modeled as Newtonian (n = 1 and K is the viscosity, μ) but the assumption is not valid for the smaller vessels. However, as a bioengineer, it is critical to determine the parameters that characterize blood as Newtonian. To this end, you will explore whether or not a Newtonian assumption is valid by calculating blood viscosity for each of the main blood vessels in the body. I. Using the data given, calculate the maximum shear stress of each vessel and use this to find their shear rates and viscosities. State whether or not Newtonian assumption is valid for each vessel. Use a log-log graph to make
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CaseStudy_2_Characterization_of_Flow_08 - Case Study#2...

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