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Chem008OfficeHrs - Jin Lin jl647 Thursday 6-9 Patrick...

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Chemistry 008 Office Hours, Spring 2008 (begin Monday, January 28 in 157 Baker) 1:00pm Julia Pontrello Ramya Julia Pontrello 2:00pm Marc Dan 3:00pm Dan Steph Pat Ramya 4:00pm Pat Marc Steph 5:00pm Ramya 6:00pm Jen Jin 7:00pm Jen Ramya 8:00pm name times Jennifer Cassano, jmc292 Tuesday 7-9; Wednesday 6-9 Stephanie Chan, sc524 Tuesday 3-5; Thursday 4:30-6:30 Marc Halperin, mph42 Monday 2-5; Wednesday 4-6
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Unformatted text preview: Jin Lin, jl647 Thursday 6-9 Patrick Nestor, psn9 Tuesday 4-7; Thursday 3-5 Jason Pontrello, jkp49 Tuesday 1-3; Thursday 1-3 Julia Rosenberg, jmr253 Tuesday 1-4; Thursday 1-3 Daniel Song, ds387 Monday 3-5; Wednesday 2-5 Ramya Tadipatri, rt88 Wednesday 1-2, 5-7; Thursday 3-4, 7:30-9 Wednesday Thursday Monday Tuesday...
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