CHAPTER 6 posting - 1 definition 2 Nelson E Defenses to...

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CHAPTER 6 TORTS I. Tort Law – Definition and Sources A. Definition 1. tort 2. tortfeasor B. Intersection Between Crimes and Torts C. Punitive Damages II. Negligence A. Definition B. Four elements 1. duty to injured party a. ordinary care b. RPP/UTC c. Bethlehem Steel 2. breach 3. causation a. cause in fact – but for b. proximate i. Palsgraf ii. Superseding cause iii. Danger invites rescues iv. Substantial factor test – Restatement 4. damages C. Defenses 1. Assumption of risk a. definition b. Lilya 2. Contributory negligence 3. Comparative negligence III. Intentional Torts A. Definition B. Intent – three requirements C. Assault D. Battery
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Unformatted text preview: 1. definition 2. Nelson E. Defenses to Assault and Battery 1. consent 2. privilege 3. self-defense 4. in defense of others 5. in defense of property F. False Imprisonment 1. Definition 2. Defense 3. Caldwell G. Infliction of Emotional Distress 1. Definition 2. Monsanto H. Invasion of Privacy 1. 4 ways to commit tort 2. Pachowitz I. Defamation 1. slander 2. libel 3. three elements 4. workplace defamation 5. Gray 6. defenses to defamation a. truth b. absolute privilege c. conditional privilege d. constitutional privilege...
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CHAPTER 6 posting - 1 definition 2 Nelson E Defenses to...

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