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CEE_4920_peer_evaluation - CEE 4920 Engineers for a...

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CEE 4920: Engineers for a Sustainable World PROJECT GROUP EVALUATION Student name____________________________________________________________________ Project team name________________________________________ Date___________________ The purpose of this form is to assess the relative contribution of each student to his or her project group. For any students for whom you do not feel prepared to evaluate, please write “no comment”, it will not reflect positively or negatively on them. Add lines to this form if needed. Your answers are confidential. Only Professors Doing and Vanek will see what you write . Please answer the following questions thoughtfully and honestly. Describe the contribution of each member in your group . For each student: 1. Indicate which aspects of the project you he/she was in charge of and which aspects he/she helped with. 2. Describe how thoughtful and thorough his/her contributions were. 3. Discuss his/her level of preparedness for group meetings. 4. Any other praise or criticism of the contribution of this student. Student #1 (you):______________________
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