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What are the considerations in this location soils

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Unformatted text preview: ly feasible as a stand alone operation? What are the considerations in this location – soils – weather – schedule – etc.? – Using the comparisons provided and at least two of your own, what will the pavilion cost? – You will also present a package of your Design Scope and Fees to Serve as the Architect Engineer for the Project You are interviewing to be the A/E, CM, PM or You combination for a Hospital in Watertown, NY • • You want to build a Hospital Addition, along with a 380 car parking garage The Addition will be 115,000 Square Feet and include – Operating Rooms, – New Emergency Department and – A Medical Surgical Suite of Beds • How Much Should the Client Community Plan on Spending for the Project Construction? Project • Questions to Answer: – – – – – – – How Long Will the Project Take [also to know mid-point] What is the Construction Budget What other costs new to be included What is a reasonable contingency What is the Total Project Budget What are the design fees you will charge: by phase and in total What other professional / technical fees will there in addition to design fees – USE THE COMPARABLES PROVIDED, AND ADD at least TWO OTHERS OF YOUR OWN FROM THE ENR PULSE OR OTHER SOURCE YOUR Team Members [Team Role________] ___...
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