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1 OWNER’S REPRESENTATIVE With the extensive responsibilities placed upon a superintendent of schools in recent years, the Owner's Representative was created to assume the role that a superintendent fulfilled in school construction in simpler times. In selecting specific tasks for the Owner's Representative the school system may consider items from the attached “Scope of Services” document. The school system should also determine the level of authority extended to the Owner's Representative. Some school systems have given the Owner's Representative the authority to make decisions on site, sign change orders, and approve requisitions. Other school systems have limited the authority to formulating recommendations for the superintendent’s consideration. Each school system should determine its needs and limitations. In the organizational structure of a capital construction project, the on-site individuals are the clerk representing the designer, the construction superintendent representing the general contractor, the Bureau of General Services (BGS) inspector representing BGS, and the Owner's Representative representing the school system. The Owner’s Representative must be hired by the owner through an open advertising and interview process and is subject to final approval by the Director of the Bureau of General Services. Major Capital Improvement Program Owner’s Representative State of Maine Department of Education School Facilities Services
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2 OWNER’S REPRESENTATIVE SCOPE OF SERVICES The Owner’s Representative will provide the necessary assistance to the Owner who is charged with the responsibility of planning and overseeing the construction of the project. The Owner’s Representative will work closely with the Bureau of General Services (BGS). The following contains a comprehensive list of possible tasks of an Owner’s Representative. It is suggested that the Superintendent of Schools, the Owner's Representative, and where appropriate, the Architect will review the tasks and line out those tasks that are not appropriate to the project. All lined out tasks should be initialed by the Owner's Representative and the Superintendent of Schools. If additional tasks are added, those items must also be initialed. A. GENERAL/PROGRAMMING/PROJECT CRITERIA 1. Facilitate communications, teamwork and trust among the Architect/Engineer, contractor, and the Owner, and such other parties as are appropriate, in conformance with Owner/Designer and Owner/Contractor agreements. 2.
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AIA_Owner_s_Representative - State of Maine Department of...

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