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Project Name Harrisville Central School Division General Construction Description Units CONCRETE DIV. 3 You will do a complete "Self-Perform" estimate of the Footer, Concrete Footings and Footers sum. Foundation Walls and Piers, and the Slab on Grade Concrete Walls sum. [This means you will do a full quantity Take-Off and Price the work] Slab on Grade sum. Don't fprget the Square Footing sum. You will price the material and Labor Productivity sum. This applies to the Frost Walls also Add Subcontract Quote ls Also - when you are working at this - look for a rebar Quote[s] MASONRY DIV. 4 This is the total self-perform section of the Project sum. You will find material quotes for pricing, but all the quantities and Masonry and Brick Ext. sum. complicating factors must be considered and accounted for sum. STRUCTURAL STEEL Div. 5 This is primarily selecting the correct Sub-Contract Structural Steel Subcontract ls But you also have loose lintels to install {Labor} CARPENTRY Div. 6 Wood Blocking ls The wood blocking is around the perimeter of the roof to tie in roofing THERMAL AND MOISTURE Div. 7 Waterproofing ls These are accounted for in Subcontractor Quotes primarily, with
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CEE_595_Estimate_Harrisville_4_6_8_9_Template_2008 -...

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