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CEE 595 – Construction Estimating, Scheduling and Dispute Resolution  Exercise To better understand the interrelatedness of the participants in the Construction Process, your teams will be tasked with the following assignment: 1. Prepare a detailed estimate for the General Trades work for the Harrisville Central School Classroom Addition Project. 2. Select your subcontractors and suppliers based upon the most appropriate work scope and cost effective solution to assist you in becoming the “low bidder” for the General Trades work. 3. Prepare a Detailed As-Planned Construction Schedule integrating your own estimates of time for the work of your contract, as well as the estimates of time provided from the other Prime Contractors. You will prepare this based upon the precedence based sequencing chart provided. 4. For the purposes of this exercise you will perform the schedule assessment by hand, using the forward and backward pass that we have discussed in class. This is one of the documents that will be provided as a deliverable, along with your detailed construction estimate. 5. For the Dispute Resolution portion of the exercise you may use either your hand- produced schedule, or you are allowed to use a computer based program such as P- 3, Sure-track or Microsoft Project to make your points, enhance your presentation, and possibly win your case. 6. At the end of this paper you are provided a summary of interfering events that impact the time of completion of your work and the work of others that may interfere with your performance. 7. You will make an assessment of these events and determine the impacts in terms of both time and cost to the project. 8. The Dispute will be presented and resolved in an Arbitration Forum on the date and at the time established for your team. 9. You will select, by as soon as possible your preference to represent the interest of the either the owner [Architect/Engineer is on the owner’s side], or the contractor and his/her subcontractors [first come, first served – in other words the first team to select in any pairing will have their choice of position]. 10. The Contractor is the Plaintiff, the Owner is the Defendant. 11. You will prepare a Pre-Arbitration position paper [of no more than 1 page for each interfering event] that will be provided to the both your opponents, and to the Arbitration Panel [these will be sent to our TA by 9 p.m. on Thursday, November 20 th , who will in turn provide them directly to the other side in your case]. 12. You will present your case within the time designated, with the presentation following a process of testimony from selected witnesses [either fact or expert] from your team, coupled with another team member serving in the role of counsel [attorney], who will ask questions of the witness to make your point and establish the validity of your position. This witness will also be cross examined the other side, and possibly by the Arbitrators. 13. Once the testimony is complete a ruling from the panel will be made.
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CEE_595_Harrisville_Construction_Dispute_ - CEE 595...

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