Lecture 2-15-08 (CH 5) - Chapter 5 Lecture – Breakout...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Lecture – Breakout Punishment as a reinforcer Stimulus that decreases the probability that a previous behavior will occur again Positive punishment • Football players are not cooperating, so you make them run a lap Add unpleasant consequence Negative punishment • Driving drunk, and your parents take away your drivers license Remove Pleasant consequence Positive Reinforcers, Negative Reinforcers Positive reinforcement Add something desired • You get straight A’s, so your parents give you a car Negative reinforcement Remove something undesired • Getting ungrounded Schedules of Reinforcement Fixed-ratio schedule Reinforcement is given only after an established number of responses • If you do something five times, they you will get a reward Variable-ratio schedule Reinforcement occurs after a varying number of responses rather than after a fixed number • Videogame: kill five guys to get through a door, next time they have to kill six guys… Social Learning Theory...
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Lecture 2-15-08 (CH 5) - Chapter 5 Lecture – Breakout...

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