597_First_flier_08 - uncertainty and sensitivity analysis,...

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Spring 2008 3 Credits Mon.~Wed.~Fri.   10:10 – 11:00 Professor Jery R. Stedinger  213 Hollister, jrs5@cornell.edu      Our society requires a balancing of safeguards and regulation of industrial activities with  risk and benefits from alternative technologies, the use and generation of toxic chemicals, and  threats by terrorists and natural hazards.  What is the proper balance? How can it be found? Will it  be adopted?   This course develops a working knowledge of risk terminology, analytic modelling tools  used for quantitative analysis of environmental and technological risks, threat assessment, and  social risk management issues. Discussions consider risk in modern life, whether it is safer to fly or  drive, historic accidents (Three Mile Island, Bhopal, Challenger/Columbia shuttles, train wrecks  and   AIDS),   statistical   analyses   and   data   presentation,   dose-response   models   for   carcinogens, 
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Unformatted text preview: uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, models of risk aversion, psychological and community perceptions of risk, risk communication, and environmental and health risk issues in the media. Intended for seniors and first-year graduate students in engineering and other technical and biological fields who are interested in risk, modeling, and the management of technology. Students should have completed one course in probability and statistics. (For OR&IE undergraduates CEE 597 counts as a field-approved elective from outside OR&IE.) Prerequisite: Introduction to Probability and Statistics such as: CEE 304, Engrd 270, ILSRT 210, BTRY 261 or ARME 210; and two semesters of calculus. A fun course with many real-world and relevant examples reflecting contemporary issues!...
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597_First_flier_08 - uncertainty and sensitivity analysis,...

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