Superstack - duplicate the barren lifeless topography they...

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INCO Nickel Mining Company Superstack in Sudbury, Ontario (my home town!) Thought people might be interested in this since this is relevant to what we are doing now in class. Bryan. Stack is 1250 ft tall – second tallest in the world. The Sudbury Superstack. This single stack emits one per cent of the entire planet's sulfur emissions - up to 40,000 tons per day At 1250 feet, the stack scrubs the effluent of 95% of its contaminants The Canadian Aviation Safety Board ordered Inco to cut Sudbury's best known landmark, the 1,250-foot tall Superstack, in half. The height of the landmark was unacceptable to the Canadian Aviation Safety Board, as a risk to planes using the Sudbury airport When the Americans decided to send a man to the moon they searched tirelessly for a location that could
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Unformatted text preview: duplicate the barren, lifeless topography they imagined made up the lunar surface. In the end they decided on Sudbury, Ontario: a small, friendly city anchored in the uncompromising granite of the Canadian Shield, a few hundred miles north of the US border. The effects of Nickel smelters and previous technology have been strikingly widespread: 40 square miles around Sudbury had been rendered completely barren of vegetation, 140 square miles around supported only shrub and herbaceous cover and vegetation had been in some way effected within a 1700 mile area (DeLestard, 1967) This stack was built to try and ‘fix’ this problem. I tried to find pictures of the sudbury ‘moonscape’ on the web but was unsuccessful....
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Superstack - duplicate the barren lifeless topography they...

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