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CEE 597 – Risk Analysis and Management Homework Assignment #4 PRELIM EXAM, Thursday, March 6, 2008, in evening. Learning objectives and old exams distributed Friday, Feb. 22. Old exams can also be found on Blackboard. • For week of February 11-15 addressing reliability of complex systems and networks: Handout on Dynamic Reliability; Yen and Tung (packet) ; Hillier and Lieberman, Ch. 14 (packet) (focus on section 14.5; skip section 14.4) Material has two lessons for us. One is a methodology for calculating the reliability of parallel, series and other systems and networks. The second is an appreciation of the impact on system reliability of components in parallel, series, and other configurations. *Keeney, Kulkarni and Nair, "Assessing the Risk of an LNG Terminal Raj & Glickman, "Gen. Hazardous Material Risk Profiles on RR Routes" (packet) RP Examples in CEE 597 Packet (packet) Some serious risk profiles describing public hazards from a technological-transportation system. February 23 lecture is about accident response; no reading Starting Feb. 25 review of statistical concepts followed on Feb 27 - 29 by Risk Analyses in Transportation Systems (using statistics). Read class review material on statistics (or your own book) For Feb 27 READ Barnett et al. "Airline Safety: Some Empirical Findings" (packet) plus Barnett and Higgins (packet) This material will provide an opportunity to consider the statistical analysis of accident data. It will provide a review of statistics. A risk analysis course would not be complete without statistics. Homework Assignment #4 for Friday. Feb. 22, 2008
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Hw_4_Criteria_Relib - CEE 597 Risk Analysis and Management...

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