Hw_8_Multimedia_Modeling - CEE 597 – Risk Analysis and...

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Unformatted text preview: CEE 597 – Risk Analysis and Management Homework Assignment #8 Sensitivity Analysis, Multi-Media Modeling and Pollutant Transport Readings Models of pathways from source to targets (Packet: Stevens & Swackhamer, p. 257 ; McKone, p. 263 ; Marshall et al., p. 287 ) Environmental Transport (Davis and Cornwell; packet p. 269 ) Overview (ATSDR Public Health Assess. Guidance Manual, 1992; packet p. 311; general reading) “Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis” (Stedinger, packet page 549); see also Howard. 543 Homework Assignment for FRIDAY, April 4, 2008 1) Stevens and Swackhamer discuss multimedia problems. Consider that you are part of a modeling team which should develop a model to convert ambient air concentrations of a particular organic compound like dioxins into the concentration in milk from dairy cows. Consider the various environmental concentrations you would want to estimate as a function of the air concentration: on the leaves of grass, in the soil and in the soil water, in the grass itself (or parts of the grass), and through the cow from ingestion and inhalation and into the milk. Use Stevens and Swackhamer as an example as how to proceed....
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Hw_8_Multimedia_Modeling - CEE 597 – Risk Analysis and...

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