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Hw_9_Multimedia_II_Soil - CEE 597 Risk Analysis and...

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CEE 597 – Risk Analysis and Management Homework Assignment #9 Environmental Contaminants and Transport Models of pathways from source to targets Stevens and Swackhamer; McKone; Marshall ; ATSDR, Examples in handout Readings for health risk analysis (priority reading in bold.) Paustenbach - history and background on health risk analysis packet Molak - Toxic Chemicals Noncancer Risk Analysis, 1997 packet Rodricks, Calculated Risks packet NRC 1983 - basic ideas and steps packet McClellan A Risk Assessment Primer, updates NRC 1993 packet Anderson et al. - basic ideas; dose-response analysis; scaling packet Crump, “Methods for Carcinogenic Risk Assessment” packet US EPA, What is risk assessment packet Lauermann, Combating Cancer packet Hattis and Kennedy - the goal, issues in analysis Readings p. 156 Calabrese, “Hormesis: Changing view . ..” packet Rodricks and Taylor - recent background related to foods Readings p. 154 Ames et al. - what are the risks? Readings p. 76 Epstein/Swartz's comment - not really? Readings p. 96 Abelson in Science - Health risk challenged. packet Colborn et al, Our Stolen Future - Beyond cancer… packet Rhombery, Are chemicals. ...? packet Steingraber, Having Faith packet Note to Students. Readings in Risk and course packet contain many articles on health risk assessment addressing the history of the field, decision making, analysis framework, methods, shortcomings, and recommendations for decision making and policy. I recommend all of the articles listed above. Please scan them all, and be sure to read those in bold . This is an important issue for our society and these are well written articles developing significant ideas. Other good articles in Readings include papers by Ruckelshaus (ex-EPA administrator) and by Wildavsky. Homework Assignment for Friday, April 11, 2008 1) Please fill out table 6.0 of Chapter 6 of the ATSDR manual for the contamination problem illustrated in the Marshall article. This may require that you use some reasonable creativity on your part. (See Table 6.4 on page 6-27.) In last column, time is past, present or future, or some combination.
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CEE 597 – Risk Analysis and Management Homework Assignment #9 2) In the article by Marshall et al. “A Risk Assessment . .. Pesticide Production Facility,” why did they reduce the number of chemicals considered from 70 mobile chemicals to 15? What were their criteria for selecting those 15 indicator chemicals?
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Hw_9_Multimedia_II_Soil - CEE 597 Risk Analysis and...

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