L12 Short history of DNA

L12 Short history of DNA

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Unformatted text preview: enetic material." - J.D. Watson and F.H.C. Crick Nature (1953) 171: 738 19 Key features of DNA 20 The nitrogenous base Purines Pyrimidines 21 Chargaff ’s rules fit with X-ray image Pyrimidine pyrimidine = too small! purine - purine = too bulky! Purine - pyrimidine= JUST RIGHT! 22 DNA vs. RNA (nucleotides) nucleoside = just Sugar and base nucleotide = all Three 23 Nomenclature and the number of phosphates 24 DNA RNA 25 Double stranded RNA Bulge loop Internal loop Multibranched junction Stem loop 26 RNA shape informs function 27 Types of helices Minor groove Major groove A B Z 28 Summary The transformation principle Griffith, Avery and co Hershey, Chase and the blender experiment Features of the double helix Watson, Crick and Chargaff Nucleic acid structure (overview) 29 Ungraded problems Go over Chapter 9: S1 and S3 Try Chapter 9: C4, C8, C12, C13, C20 Try Chapter 9: E1, E5 30 Next Time Genome organization 31...
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