L8 Inheritance patterns pt2

Need a wt copy of both genes to get color genes in

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Unformatted text preview: copy of both genes to get color, genes in same pp-- pathway (not modification) aaCNeed a wt copy of C to get color. But A modifies color A-C19 --cc --cc Use of ‘knock out’ mutations to study gene function great for determining the function of a gene! mutate gene conclusion about gene function? 20 Why might knock outs (loss of function) mutations not result in mutant phenotypes? 1. Subtle effects - many genes control phenotype 2. Mutated gene may not be always active 3. Gene is redundant 21 Paralogous genes = duplicated genes in a genome 22 Genes with redundant function 23 Summary Gene interaction can give rise to altered F2 ratios Epistasis masks the effects of another gene Complementation of two genotypes Some genes modify the effects of other genes Paralogs may have redundant function 24 Ungraded problems Try C13, C30 Try E9, E11 25 Next Time Linkage and genetic mapping 26...
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