L8 Inheritance patterns pt2

P f1 9 7 f2 complementation 11 two genes two

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Unformatted text preview: rple petals x ! P F1 9 7 F2 complementation 11 Two genes - two phenotypes Enzyme C Colorless precursor Enzyme P Colorless intermediate Purple pigment 12 What’s happening? P F2 ccPP F1 CCpp CcPp 13 Complementation P both these plants are white because they lack an enzyme in a serial pathway ccPP F1 CCpp CcPp Look for: two recessive phenotypes produce wt offspring, and F1x gives 9:7 ratio 14 The case of the multicolored rat Judy babies Bob http://lloydyweb.com/blog/_gfx/050810_reggie.jpg http://img.ph...
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