7 subelds in genetics transmission genetics

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Unformatted text preview: 6 Why study Genetics? 7 Subfields in Genetics • Transmission genetics www.drkopkoparenting.com • Molecular genetics • Population genetics biologica.concord.org 8 The value of critical thinking Information is not in limited supply How do we know what’s ‘real’?? www.cs.princeton.edu 9 Textbook Genetics: Analysis and Principles, 3rd edition Robert J. Brooker 10 Blackboard Here you will find: Syllabus Lecture slides Homework/Wksts Announcements Grades Discussion Board 11 Extra credit options • OPTION 1: Dress up on Halloween….in a scary Genetics costume (1pt) • OPTION 2: Discussion board participation (up to 2pts) • Interesting news • Lecture Question and Answer cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=10726&rendTypeId=4 12 Next time Scientific methods Analysis of scientific papers 13...
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