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Federalist Papers - Federalist Papers Articles of...

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Unformatted text preview: Federalist Papers Articles of Confederation rules followed by original 13 states They modified the articles, came up with a new Constitution Had to be ratified by all 13 states Three men wrote 85 articles in the newspapers advocating for the new constitution The problems of the confederation were: Lack of currency Need to provide public defense Hostility to government Aversion to taxes Mob rule--political agitation Clarify distinction between historical factions and modern day definition of faction . You can tell by the definition of faction in federalist paper 10 that factions were not considered good for overall society. During the time the federalist papers were written, factions were little more than mobs. Nature of Factions The nature of man its to develop and express opinions. Men have different opinions and abilities. People are just predisposed to like and dislike different things and have varying tastes People like to group with other people of similar views Another cause of factions is the unequal distribution of property. The propertied and the unpropertied have different and distinct interests in society. Creditors and Debtors. Cannot control the unity and passion that factions have so the only way to control them is to render them unable to oppress the majority IN SHORT: o CAUSE: Human nature, Haves / Have Nots o EFFECTS: Cannot control passion, direct democracy Federalist #10 (James Madison) Nature of Factions: (James Madison) Cause=Human Nature o We like to group together with humans of like interest, and you cant change how people are o Haves and Have-nots, division between rich/poor Effects=Cannot control passion o He says direct democracy is not the answer o Focus public attention on their narrow issue o Ex: Vickcruelty to animals Implications of Factions: Cant stop them because the causes of factions cannot be removed. They are inherent to human nature to group up with individuals of like mind. Also, cant stop them in democracy Power is usually measured by numbers of members or relative wealth of members and how they are thought of by society as a whole....
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Federalist Papers - Federalist Papers Articles of...

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