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PPD 227 Wong Manhattan Beach Planning Commission February 11, 2009 Being a current resident of Manhattan Beach, I felt it was appropriate to attend this city’s planning commission meeting on February 11 th . The Manhattan Beach Planning Commission consists of five members who meet on the 2 nd and 4 th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers at 1400 Highland Ave. The five members on the commission consist of Wayne Powell, David Lesser, Sandra Seville-Jones, Jim Fasola and Kathleen Paralusz. Also present was staff liaison Richard Thompson the community development director. The meeting was noticed in the local newspaper The Daily Breeze as well as on the city’s website The meeting began with a pledge of allegiance to the flag and roll call of the commissioners by a member of the staff. During the February 11 th meeting there was a bit of reorganization as previous head chair David Lesser passed the gable and head chair position to Wayne Powell. Jim Fasola was the only member not present for this meeting. Unlike what it says in the agenda, Jim Fasola was not appointed vice-chair, instead the position was appointed to Sandra Seville-Jones. After kind words were spoken about David by each of the members, David and Wayne switched chairs and the meeting was underway. The first item the commission reviewed was approval of minutes. During this session typo, spelling, and grammatical corrections were made. The choice of wording such as using “oppose” versus “review” in one of the amendments was also debated and eventually changed to review. After each change was brought to notice Wayne Powell said, “Do I hear a motion to approve?” everyone answered, “Yes” and the meeting continued. The next item was audience participation; it was a reserved 3-minute time slot for any
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planning commission meeting - PPD227Wong

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