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Paragraph Assignment 1 & 2

Paragraph Assignment 1 & 2 - 3rd Week Short...

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3 rd Week Short Paragraph Writing Assignments: For every short paragraph assignment, along with any supporting and physical data you are asked to bring to class, be sure to compose a paragraph with a topic sentence, meaningful transitions and paragraph coherence. Do not simply list and do not exceed 250 words for each entry. Tuesday: Paragraph Assignment #1: Interpreting the film, Ikwe The first short paragraph assignment is to interpret the film, Ikwe , in the context of two course texts, Uneven Ground and Team Spirits . First, how does Ikwe the film reflect ideas and concepts raised in Uneven Ground? You have read the “Introduction” and about half of the first chapter, “The Laws of Nations.” How does the Doctrine of Discovery reveal itself in the film? Second, how does Ikwe the film reflect ideas and concepts raised in Team Spirits? You have read the “Forward” and “Introduction” and you should be able to connect the film to issues of “race, power and culture.” Further,
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