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LeBeau 1 AMS 265-001 Transcultural Perspectives Semester: Spring 2009 Course Title: Course Location: 011 Old Hall Course Days / Time: Tu and Th: 12:40p – 2:00p Instructor: Professor Patrick R. LeBeau Office 234 Ernst Bessey Hall Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 10a-11:15a Office Phone: 432-4027 Office Email: Course Description: From the dusty archives of the distant past to the freshly printed newspapers of contemporary consumer culture, this course surveys the American Indian through the eyes of global observers, founding father revolutionaries, United States policy and law makers, cultural/social academicians, the children of the world who have played, play or will play Indian, Hollywood filmmakers, new-age ceremonialists, and the pretend and academic Indians. The course will explore the images of Indians and how these images can be used to control the world’s understanding of Indian people, their identities and place in U.S. history. How Indians themselves combat and counter these intrusive and destructive trends will have special emphasis throughout the course. American Indian sovereignty and United States federal Indian law will be explored from an international, intertribal and transcultural perspective and its historical colonial antecedents. Comparisons will be made to the cultural/social/political practices and belief systems of real, flesh-and-blood, Indians and their tribal governments, past and present. Guest speakers from tribal communities and the local academic pool of American Indian studies specialists will augment classroom discussion and enhance student understanding of the complex nature of American Indian identities in a global setting. Course Goals: 1) Explore and work with definitions of “Transcultural Perspectives” using the image of and disciplines surrounding the study of the American Indian as a controlling focus and testable base of knowledge. 2) Summarize information and ideas generated from primary and secondary sources to make meaningful comparisons and insightful analysis. 3) Explore American Studies theory and practice within a human environment and agency. 4) Demonstrate an understanding of American History, Literature and Culture. 5) Demonstrate proficiency in analysis of written texts, visual media, and oral presentations. 6) Discover how the definition of the Native American is ambiguous and has purpose in local, national and global settings. 7)
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This note was uploaded on 03/29/2009 for the course AMS 265 taught by Professor Lebeau during the Spring '09 term at Michigan State University.

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SS09-AMS_266-001 - LeBeau 1 AMS 265-001 Transcultural...

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