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Chapter 7 posting - Warranty a implied warranty b express...

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Chapter 7 Business Torts I. Misrepresentation A. Intentional Misrepresentation/Fraud 1. Elements a. material misrepresentation b. scienter c. intent to induce reliance d. justifiable reliance e. relationship between the parties f. causation g. damages B. Negligent Misrepresentation 1. Requirements of relationship 2. Squish La Fish p. 169 II. Interference With Contractual Relations A. Elements B. Potential Defendants C. Seminole Tribe of Florida III. Interference With Prospective Advantage A. Definition B. Predatory behavior C. Pleas IV. Product Liability A. General Definition B. Political Issues C. Consumer Products and Negligence 1. Privity requirement (traditional) 2. Caveat emptor 3. MacPherson 4. Reasonable care D. Strict Liability 1. Definition 2. Warranty a.
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Unformatted text preview: Warranty a. implied warranty b. express warranty c. Baxter 3. Strict Liability in Tort a. Defined b. Yuba Power Products c. Sec. 402A of the Restatement 2 nd 4. Applications of Strict Liability a. failure to warn 1. definition 2. Morales 3. extent of liability b. design defects 1. extent of liability 2. Sufix 3. Wright c. unknown hazards 5. Market Share Liability 6. Joint & Several Liability a. definition b. Collins 7. Defenses in Product Liability Suits a. product misuse b. assumption of risk c. sophisticated purchaser d. statutory limits 8. Ultrahazardous Activities 9. Need for Reform (?) a. pro b. con 10. North Carolina products liability law...
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  • Product liability, B. Negligent Misrepresentation, A. Definition B., Seminole Tribe of Florida Interference, Misrepresentation A. Intentional

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