Lecture 3-26-08 (CH 10)

Lecture 3-26-08 (CH 10) - Manage stress from denying ID...

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Chapter 10 Lecture – Personality Personality The sum total of characteristics that differentiate an individual and make each person unique Stability and predictability of one’s behavior in a given situation Psychodynamic School of Thought – Sigmund Freud – 1856-1939 Psychodynamic theory Freud’s theory that our personality function is triggered by our UNCONSCIOUS – a force within us of which we are not aware (Remember Descarte – ‘duality of nature’ and Rosseau – ‘slate of ideas’) Unconscious Unconscious contains: Everything that has happened to you All inherited material Deep urges and passions – especially sexual Structuring Personality Function ID Deepest level of our personality Origin of all drives, instincts and needs Demands immediate gratification Produces stress when denied EGO – executive of personality Balance ID impulses with the demands of society
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Unformatted text preview: Manage stress from denying ID impulses and life stress Manage delay capacity SUPEREGO Represents rights and wrongs as taught by significant people in life. Conscience • Prevents us from behaving in a morally improper way Defense Mechanisms of the Ego Unconscious strategies aid the ego in reducing stress Can be healthy if not overused We are unaware that we are using them at the time 6 Defense Mechanisms: Denial – fool oneself into believing stress does not exist Repression – push painful events and stressors into unconscious Projection – see own negative traits in others Regression – return to less stressful state because an event is so painful Reaction-Formation – situation so painful that one goes to the opposite extreme Displacement – shift stress to less painful object...
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