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Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4.1 The OSI Transport Layer The...

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Chapter 4.1 – The OSI Transport Layer The Transport layer prepares application data for transport over the network and processes network data for use by applications Roles of the Transport Layer Tracking the individual communication between applications on the source and dest. Host Segmenting data and managing each piece Reassembling the segments into streams of application data Identifying the different applications Purpose Enabling Applications on Devices to Communicate Transport layer moves data between applications on devices in the network Separating Multiple Communications Transport layer segments the data and manages the separation of data for different applications. Multiple applications running on a device receive the correct data. Segmentation Transport layer divides the data into segments that are easier to manage and transport Provides the means to both send and receive data while running mult. Apps concurrently on a computer Each piece of information flowing is known as a conversation
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  • Spring '08
  • Flow control, Transmission Control Protocol, TCP and UDP port, transport layer protocols, TRANSPORT LAYER SERVICES

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