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Learning Teams Why do we need learning teams? Often, students in large classes struggle with remaining engaged during what can feel like long, boring, and tedious lectures. Over time even the most motivated of students can lose interest in the material when they do not feel engaged in the class during lecture. As a result they can become less motivated and may begin to miss classes and stop reading the book. Missed material then results in even lower motivation, and this downward spiral can result in a poor grade in the class and an overall negative experience. Another phenomenon that often occurs in large classes is that if students begin to fall behind or do not understand a concept, they are hesitant to speak up in class simply due to the fact that there are so many other people present. As a result they either cannot move past this point when the material is cumulative, they have holes in their knowledge of the material, or they fixate on the material that was not understood and fail to pay attention to the other parts of class. So what can we do to make sure this does not happen in our class?
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