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Syllabus MCDB 144 DATE TITLE LECTURER Jan 6 Introduction to course MCDB 144 Clark/Lowry Jan 8 DNA and Evolution of the Y Clark Jan 13 Chromatin Clark Jan 15 DNA Replication Clark Jan 20 DNA Repair Clark Jan 23 Homologous Recombination Clark Jan 27 Transposition Clark Jan 29 Transcription Clark Feb 3 Splicing and Translation Clark Feb 5 MIDTERM Feb 10 Gene Exp., DNA binding proteins, Genetic Switches Lowry Feb 12 Molecular Genetics of Cell Specification
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Unformatted text preview: Lowry Feb 17 Post-Transcriptional Control, RNAi, miRNA Lowry Feb 19 Manipulating DNA, methods Lowry Feb 24 Manipulating RNA, methods Lowry Feb 26 Manipulating Protein, methods Lowry March 3 Molecular Biology of Cancer Lowry March 5 Molecular Biology of Stem Cells Lowry March 10 Molecular Biology of Stem Cells Lowry March 12 Molecular Biology of Germ Cells Clark...
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