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Chapter 17 notes - c BCT d BAT e Enforcement i DMRs ii...

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Chapter 17 Environmental Law I. Environmental Regulation A. History B. Creation of the EPA C. EPA Responsibilities II. Pollution and the Common Law A. Nuisance 1. public 2. private B. Trespass C. Stevenson D. Negligence E. Strict liability F. Riparian law 1. Whalen 2. Boomer III. The Clean Air Act A. History B. NAAQS 1. definition 2. factors 3. State Implementation Plans (SIPs) 4. burden of enforcement C. The Permit System 1. clean air areas/attainment areas a. maximum allowable increase b. new construction i. BACT ii. No exceeding MAI 2. dirty air areas/nonattainment areas a. emissions offset policy – three requirements i. LAER technology ii. Other plants iii. Offset b. prevention of expansion – Alaska D. Mobile Sources of Pollution E. State Regulations that Exceed Federal Regulations F. Toxic Pollutants G. Acid Rain H. Enforcement a. citizen suits
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b. carrot-and-stick approach IV. The Clean Water Act A. Objective B. Five main elements C. S. Florida Water Mgmt. D. Point Source Pollution a. designation of surface water b. industrial permits c. BCT
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Unformatted text preview: c. BCT d. BAT e. Enforcement i. DMRs ii. Citizen suits E. Nonpoint Source Pollution F. Wetlands a. Definition b. Permit System c. Takings V. Land Pollution A. Definition B. TOSCA C. Biotechnology D. Pesticides – FIFRA a. registration b. three conditions E. RCRA a. hazardous waste b. four characteristics of hazardous waste c. TSD sites i. by permit ii. regulation d. the manifest system e. NPL F. Superfund Act aka CERCLA 1. purpose 2. cost 3. PRPs – four definitions 4. liability 5. litigation costs 6. environmental audits 7. brownfields VI. Species Protection A. The Endangered Species Act 1. coverage 2. “endangered species” 3. listed 4. TVA v. Hill 5. spotted owl 6. Sweet Home 7. requirements for adding a species B. Species Protection in NC VII. Global Issues A. The Ozone B. Global Warming VIII. Pollution Prevention A. The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 B. Common Tips...
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