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NC State University ECE 406 Fall 2008 ECE Department Design of Complex Digital Systems Homework #3 Due: 9/17/2008 Submit through wolfware Design Verilog modules according to the following description. NOTE: problems 1 and 2 will be graded using the Verilog simulator in conjunction with test fixtures designed by the instructor. 1. The module name is “extension”. Its input is a 16-bit vector called “ir”. There are 4 outputs described as follows: (20 points) a) “imm5”: sign-extending the last 5 bits of “ir” to 16 bits; b) “offset11”: sign-extending the last 11 bits of “ir” to 16 bits; c) “offset9”: sign-extending the last 9 bits of “ir” to 16 bits; d) “offset6”: sign-extending the last 6 bits of “ir” to 16 bits; You can ONLY use dataflow description, i.e., with the keyword “assign” when describing the functionality of the module. Name your file “hw3.1.v” and submit it through wolfware. 2.
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