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ece406f08hw7 - below Use “X” to represent data of...

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NC State University ECE 406 Fall 2008 ECE Department Design of Complex Digital Systems Liu Homework #7 Due: 11/19/08 Assume that you have a LC3 design with a cache whose configuration is the same as that described in project 2. What are the final cache contents, including valid array, tag array, and data array after the follow program is executed? You need to present your answer using the table
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Unformatted text preview: below. Use “X” to represent data of unknown values. Note: the address of the first instruction is 0x3000 5020 301E 1221 321D 1422 16B6 0203 4803 14A1 0FFB 0FFF 19E8 1928 1928 1902 613E 633F 1601 7700 C1C0 valid tag Set 0 Set F word 3 word 0 word 2 word 1...
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