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ECE 403 Homework 3 Due in class before lecture on Friday, 1/30/9 Use the nmos test schematic with sources Vds, Vgs, and Vsb like from the last homework (as shown here), for both problems in this HW. Use the properties editor to display the “name and value” of L and W on the schematic, as shown, and set their values as shown. Use the model editor to make M1 have the model parameters VTO=0.7, GAMMA=0.5, PHI=0.7, which I’ve taken from Table 1.2 on page 64 in Johns and Martin. In addition, include the model parameter KP=100u and LAMBDA=0.05, which will simplify your calculations by overwriting the corresponding values that SPICE calculates from the other model parameters. Along with your calculations for each problem, please hand in the corresponding SPICE text output file (the “.out” file) and indicate on it where your property values for L and W are, and where your model parameters, VTO, KP, GAMMA, PHI, and LAMBDA are. In addition , hand in your PROBE traces for each problem. 1)
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