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ECE 403 Homework 5, due before lecture on Friday, 2/20/09 On HWs, please evaluate numerical answers completely. On tests , leave arithmetic expressions unevaluated. In both cases please always collect the units of your final answer. 1) ox for the process in Table 1.2 on page 64 in J&M. Besides TOX from the table (note the units of tox!) , you’ll need the permittivity ε 0 of free space and dielectric constant K SiO2 of the gate oxide on J&M page 56. Don’t forget to convert to a consistent set of units. 2) Use chapter 1 of J&M (especially pages 24-27) and/or the summary equations on page 59 to determine the channel length modulation parameter λ for an nmos biased at Vs=Vb=0, Vd=2.5V, and Vg=1.1V, designed with gate geometry W=200 μ m and L=2 μ m, and fabricated in the process described in J&M Table 1.2. Don’t forget to convert to a consistent set of units. 3)
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