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Micro / Nanotechnology, General Guidelines for labs a) There are 49 students registered for the class and 6 group. Labs will be held in groups of 8-9. Please do NOT sign up on a list that has more than 9 students, and preferably one that has more than 8. b) Please sign your name only ONCE in each column for labs 1-4 on the sign up sheet posted outside Maryland 125. c) Before each lab please read the pre-lab information including where you need to come for lab. d) Due to the large size of the class, punctuality is a MUST for labs. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your lab, please do not interrupt the lab and come back for another time slot. c) Deadline for lab reports are two weeks after each lab. Reports need to be written with
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Unformatted text preview: groups of five or less. All students get the same grade. f) For Lab 2 we sometimes need to run the lab on Tues / Wed and early on Thursday. Please sign up for a slot that fits your schedule. Laboratory 1 is on nanoparticles and will be held in Maryland 29 Laboratory 2 is on lithography and will be held in the Clark Hall Microfabrication facility (entry level of Clark Hall). The lab will be run by Huy Vo, the manager of the facility. You MUST read and sign the safety document and the liability release form before coming to this lab. Laboratory 3 is on soft-lithography and will be held in MD 29 Laboratory 4 is on characterization tools. We will meet at the entrance to the SEM room (Maryland 15)...
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