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preLab1 reading - Micro and Nanotechnology (540.440 /...

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Micro and Nanotechnology (540.440 / 540.640) David Gracias; Lab 1 Laboratory 1: Nanoparticles Reference : 1. M Brust, M Walker, D Bethell, DJ Schiffrin, R. Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 1994, 801. Background : Structures composed of metallic or semiconducting nanoparticles are fundamental building blocks for nanostructured devices and have potential applications in electronics and medicine. The use of nanoparticles stems from the ability to selectively tune the electrical and optical properties they exhibit through control of parameters such as their composition, and the particle size and shape. Here we demonstrate the simple biphasic wet chemical synthesis of thiol-derivatized spherical shaped gold nanoparticles in a two phase liquid- liquid system. Experimental: Reactants: HAuCl 4 Precursor, tetraoctylammonium bromide (TOAB) phase transfer reagent, alkanethiol capping agent, Sodium borohydride (NaBH 4 ) reducing agent Chemical reaction:
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preLab1 reading - Micro and Nanotechnology (540.440 /...

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