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Lecture 2-08-08 (CH 4) - Drugs Take medications Perceptual...

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Gate Control Theory of Pain Your organs are hurting You cut your finger Your body releases excitatory neurotransmitters which travel to pain center and open the gate The brain and spinal cord send messages to your finger Pain center sends “pain messages” to area that is hurting Message attracts white blood cells to fight bacteria White blood cells are notified to heal the wound Your body looks for ways to close pain gate once it receives the messages Your body looks for ways to permanently heal your finger Closing Pain Gate Stimulate surrounding skin Neck hurts? Massage the surrounding areas Distraction The baby is crying in pain, but then you show the baby a stuffed animal Fantasy You have the chicken pox, but you fantasize about not having it Psychological Factors Dominate Your arm blows off, but you pick it up and keep on running Cognitive restructuring You make your mind think you are not in pain. “Pain may be for the best.”
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Unformatted text preview: Drugs Take medications Perceptual Illusions Stimuli that consistently produce errors in perception. Stimulants: Drug Highs Affects the central nervous system by causing a rise in heart rate, blood pressure, and muscular tension Caffeine Nicotine Cocaine Amphetamines Depressants: Drug Lows Impede the nervous system by causing neurons to fire more slowly Alcohol • Rohypnol Barbiturates • Nembutal • Seconal • Phenobarbital Narcotics: Relieving Pain and Anxiety Increase relaxation and relieve pain and anxiety Heroin • Methadone Morphine Hallucinogens: Psychedelic Drugs Drug that is capable of producing hallucinations, or changes in the perceptual process Marijuana • Act slow, sentences drag on • More in-tune, but affects vision MDMA (Ecstasy) LSD Mushrooms...
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