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2. Write the name of the reactant alkene used in #1A above specifying stereochemistry using the E/Z notation. 3. a) Name this compound using the R/S notation. H CH 3 H 3 C Br H Cl c) Write the name of a diastereomer for this compound. . b) Write the name of this compound's enantiomer. d) Draw the Fischer projection of this compound. Dr. Sandberg: CH221 Spr 00 Exam 2 X 1. Draw the structure of the MAJOR organic product in the box provided. Be sure to specify stereo- chemistry when warranted. ether HBr KOC(CH 3 ) 3 HOCH 2 CH 3 , 100 o C A B OH HCl 25 o C C 2. OH-, H 2 O 2 1. BH 3 -THF D F Ni H 2 h ν , heat Br 2 G OH pyridine SOCl 2 H 2-bromobutane 2. H 2 O 1. O 3 I CCl 4 Br 2 J H 2 O Cl 2 E
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4. Show the mechanism for the each of the following transformations in the boxes labeled K and L on your answer sheet. HCl Cl Cl K L 5. The following dichloroalkane produces a dihaloalkane (formula given) as the major product when reacted in a 1:1 ratio with NaI. Draw the structure of this product in box Q. Cl Cl H NaI acetone C 5 H 10 ClI M 6. a) List in order the reagents needed for the multistep reaction scheme to make the following
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Unformatted text preview: transformation. Br OH b) Does the alcohol shown contain a stereocenter? c) Will the alcohol product mixture be optically active? Explain. 7. 2-Bromopropane can undergo both S N 2 and E2 reactions when reacted with NaOCH 2 CH 3 . Draw the transition state for each in the indicated boxes. 8. Which cyclohexane below (circle cis or trans on the answer sheet) will undergo base-induced β-elimination the fastest? Explain. Br Br cis-1-bromo-4-tert-butylcyclohexane trans-1-bromo-4-tert-butylcyclohexane 9. Draw the structure of the organic reactant in the box provided on your answer sheet that would give the organic product shown under the conditions listed as the MAJOR product. Be sure to specify stereochemistry when warranted. O 2. H 2 O 1. O 3 N Br peroxides HBr O O peroxyacetic acid P Q NaI acetone I H alkyl chloride O...
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CH221_Practice_Exam_2 - transformation Br OH b Does the...

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