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German 250 / CWL 250 / Engl 267 Topics for Second Essay Due Friday, October 17 **Choose one of the following topics for your second essay. The essay should be about 5 pp. (typed, double-spaced, MLA format). It will be graded on its arguments’ content and presentation. You should aim to produce a well-considered and well-organized working-through of a solid and interesting argument, backed up with specific detail and support. The guidelines for essay-writing and argumentation found on Compass are additional sources of advice and information. You can work with any of the tale types we have explored thus far: curiosity, abandonment, wild man, quest, anti-Semitic, urban legends, the omitted tales. Please be sure to provide evidence for your arguments in the form of specific references to the text/s you discuss (tales and/or scholarship about the tales [= Tatar, Bettelheim, Zipes, Miller, Shattuck]). 1. Virtual Reality. Using one or more of the tales read thus far, explore any or all of the following questions about the relationship between fiction and reality in more detail.
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