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German 250 Topics for Third Essay Draft due Friday, Nov. 14; Conferences during week 13 just before Thanksgiving Holidays; Final Essay due Friday, Dec. 5 Choose one of the following topics for your third essay. The essay draft should be about 6-7 pages (typed, double-spaced, standard 12 pt font). The final version should be about 8-10 pages and will count for 20% of the total grade for the course. It will be graded on its arguments’ content and presentation. The grade for the final essay will take the quality of the draft into account, so drafts should be prepared with care. The draft should in fact not be a rough first draft , but rather a well-considered and well-organized working-through of ideas that will be expanded and/or otherwise refined in the final version. Drafts should also be proofread carefully. You can work with any of the tales read thus far, in the Grimms’ collection and/or in e-reserves; we recommend limiting the number of tales analyzed to three (although you may choose to focus only on one tale). Please be sure to provide evidence for your arguments in the
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