Lecture 4 - German 250 Week 4 1 German 250 Plan for Week 4...

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1 1 German 250 Week 4 2 German 250 Plan for Week 4 I. The Grimm Brothers, Their context, and Their Agenda --Jacob (1785-1863) --Wilhelm (1786-1859) II. “Hansel and Gretel” and Two Arguments About How to Understand Fairy Tales (as represented by J. Zipes and B. Bettelheim) III. “Poisonous Pedagogy” in 18th- and 19th-Century Germany; Tatar’s “Victims and Seeker” IV. Fairy Tales as Didactic Tools and the question of Fairy Tale ARCHETYPES
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2 3 Historical Information about Germany and Europe; The Grimm Brothers and Their Agendas I. Brief Sketch of the Social, Political, and Cultural Situation in the German Territories, Middle Ages to 1800 A. 800-1500: The Middle Ages (Charlemagne and Christianity/crusades, beginning of the shift from oral to written traditions) B. 1500-1700: The Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation (standardization of the German language, but still no political unity) C. 1700-1800: The Enlightenment (Friedrich the Great, diversification of scientific disciplines; reason, order, morality, industry, discipline, authoritarianism, patriarchy) D. 1800-1850: Romanticism (protest within the bourgeoisie against instrumentalization of reason, Napoleon’s conquests and defeat, renewed attempts to create German cultural unity, identity, and ‘German-ness’) II. Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859) Grimm: Their Agendas and Methods A. Why the Grimms collected and published fairy tales
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Lecture 4 - German 250 Week 4 1 German 250 Plan for Week 4...

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