Syllabus - Week 1 8/25-8/29 Introduction to Grimms Fairy...

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Week 1 8/25-8/29 Introduction to Grimms’ Fairy Tales with a philosophical preamble --Contextualizing the fairy tale in relation to the key ideas: knowledge, education, identity, child-rearing, the nature of reality, perception, original vs imitation, freedom, and the history of ideas. Prepare for Wed. Aug. 27: 1. Plato, “The Image of the Cave; Or Can Virtue Be Taught?” (e-reserves) 2. Kant, “An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?” (on Compass) Prepare for Fri., Aug. 29 3. Tatar 3-38 (“Sex and Violence: The Hard Core of Fairy Tales”) 4. Shattuck, “Foreword” from Forbidden Knowledge: from Prometheus to Pornography (e-reserves) Week 2 9/1-9/5 Introduction to Grimms’ Fairy Tales (cont.) --Considering the Grimms’ initial agenda and two well-known tales. Mon., Sept. 1 : L ABOR D AY , NO C LASS Prepare for Wed., Sept. 3: 1. Tatar 251-259 (“Appendix C: Grimms’ Preface to Volume I of the First Edition”) 2. Grimms, “The Juniper Tree” CFT (= Complete Fairy Tales ) 158-166 Prepare for Fri., Sept. 5: 3. Perrault, “Little Red Riding Hood” of 1697 (e-reserves) 4. Anonymous, “The Wolf-King; or, Little Red-Riding-Hood: An Old Woman’s Tale” of 1801 (e-reserves) 5. Grimms, “Little Red Cap” of 1857, CFT 93-96 6. Weekly HW Assignment Optional film screening: “The Matrix” Week 3 9/8-9/12 Historical Background on Germany and Europe around the Grimms’ time --History of fairy and folk tales and their societal functions --Further information about the Grimm brothers and their agendas --More on the two big arguments about how fairy tales help us understand and shape identity; “Hansel and Gretel” as a case study Prepare for Mon., Sept. 8: 1. Zipes, “Once There Was a Time: An Introduction to the History and Ideology of Folk and Fairy Tales” (e-reserves) 2. Tatar 39-57 (“Fact and Fantasy: The Art of Reading Fairy Tales”) Prepare for Wed., Sept. 10: 3. Bettelheim 3-19 “Introduction: The Struggle for Meaning” (e-reserves) 4. Grimms, “Brother and Sister” CFT 38-42 5. Bettelheim 78-83 “’Brother and Sister:’ Unifying Our Dual Nature” (e-reserves) Prepare for Fri., Sept. 12: 6. Grimms, “Hansel and Gretel” CFT 53-58 7. Perrault, “Little Thumbling” (Compass) 8. Zipes, “The Rationalization of Abandonment and Abuse in Fairy Tales” (e- reserves) 9. Weekly HW Assignment + QUIZ on Strunk and White Rules #1-7 (pp. 1-8 )
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Week 4 9/15-9/19 “Poisonous Pedagogy:” Child Rearing in 18th- and 19th-Century Germany --More on “original” v. “imitation”; the role of technology as a disciplinary/educational tool Prepare for Mon., Sept. 15: 1. Tatar 58-81 (“Victims and Seekers: The Familiy Romance of Fairy Tales”) 2. Miller, excerpts from For Your Own Good (e-reserves) Prepare for Wed., Sept. 17:
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Syllabus - Week 1 8/25-8/29 Introduction to Grimms Fairy...

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