CWL 151 syllabus REV - CWL 151: Cross Cultural Thematics...

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CWL 151: Cross Cultural Thematics Section ED Topic: Freaks and Weirdoes and the Politics of Characterization. Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12-12:50 in Davenport Hall 313 Instructor: Eric Dalle Email: Office: FLB 2114 Office Hours: Wed/Fri 11-12 or by appointment. Course Description : This course examines novels, short stories, film, and drama from a variety of literary and historical traditions to understand how the role of a character, portrayed outside of an assumed normative, functions in the project of the overall text. What are the implications of writing a character against a perceived normality, what are the boundaries of alienation, and how does characterization enhance the textual project of the author? By approaching works in this manner, the course will discuss issues of ethnicity, politics, gender, and sexuality as well as engage existential questions regarding the psychoanalytic and the historical. We will read texts from known writers such as Fitzgerald, Freud, Faulkner, Lu Xun, Sartre, Vonnegut and screen films by Almodovar, Hitchcock, Jeunet, and Zhang Yimou. Required Texts : Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut Course Packet (available at Notes N’ Quotes) Grading : Two Papers - 40% Papers are 4 to 6 pages double spaced (Times New Roman 1” margin). The topics for the papers will be discussed and explained in class. Hard copies are due on the day indicated on the syllabus. There will be a one letter grade
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CWL 151 syllabus REV - CWL 151: Cross Cultural Thematics...

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