BOLDED TERMS - Zeno Chrysippos Menander Philetairos 1/21/09...

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BOLDED TERMS 1/7/09 Macedonia Vergina (Aegae) Pella Dionysos Zeus Ammon 1/12/09 Tumulus Persephone Hades Demeter larnax Dionysos 1/14/09 Azara herm Lysippos Anastole Lysimachos Zeus Ammon Diadochoi Ptolemy Demetrios Poliorcetes Mithridates 1/16/09 Demosthenes Polyeuktos Epicurus
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Unformatted text preview: Zeno Chrysippos Menander Philetairos 1/21/09 Doric Ionic Corinthian Frieze Pediment Pronaos Cella/ Naos Adyton Colonnade Didyma Magnesia on the Maeander Kos Seleukos I Paionios of Ephesos Daphnis of Miletos Hermogenes Amazonomachy Asklepios...
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