Chapter 5 posting - 1 Civil& criminal penalties 2...

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Chapter 5 I. Administrative Agencies A. Purpose B. History C. Creation 1. legislative delegation 2. enabling statute 3. reasons for creation D. Powers – See Exhibit 5.2 p. 121 II. Administrative Law A. Definition B. Sources C. The APA III. Rulemaking A. Definition B. Terminology C. Types of Rules 1. Agency rules generally 2. Substantive rules 3. Interpretative rules 4. Procedural rules D. The Rulemaking Process E. Appeals 1. Public Citizen, Inc. v. Mineta IV. Enforcing Rules A. Investigative Powers 1. Three ways of obtaining information 2. Monitoring and self-reporting 3. Direct observation 4. Subpoena power B. Enforcement Powers
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Civil & criminal penalties 2. Sanctions (7 types) 3. Informal agency procedures 4. Formal agency procedures a. adjudicatory hearings i. process ii. appeal C. Judicial Review 1. Definition 2. Requirements For Review a. Jurisdiction b. Reviewability c. Standing d. Ripeness e. Exhaustion 3. Scope of Review a. Substantive determination b. Statutory interpretation c. Procedural requirements V. Controls on Agencies A. Direct Controls 1. Congress 2. The President 3. Cost-benefit analysis B. Indirect Controls 1. FOIA 2. Privacy Act 3. Government in the Sunshine Act...
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Chapter 5 posting - 1 Civil& criminal penalties 2...

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