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SG_Chap23 - Chapter 23 Mirrors and Lenses 23.1 Flat Mirrors...

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1 Chapter 23 Mirrors and Lenses 23.1 Flat Mirrors object distance is p image distance is q Images are formed at the point where rays actually intersect or appear to originate Positive h’ upright; negative h’ inverted Image appears same size M = 1 (or) h = h’ Facing opposite direction: Left/Right reversal h h M ' height object height image 23.2 Images formed by Concave Mirrors A Spherical Mirror : section of a sphere. C = Center of curvature (In front of concave mirror, behind convex mirror) R = Radius of curvature principal axis light ray Concave mirror C Convex mirror principal axis light ray C Image formed by a Concave Mirror A point source of light is placed at O After reflecting from the mirror, the rays converge at point I Point I is the Image point Light actually passes through the point so the image is real
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2 Relationship between the image and object distances -This is called the mirror equation 1 1 2 p q R Magnification of the image
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