Chapter 14 notes - b. apparent authority 2. Undisclosed...

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Chapter 14 Employment Relationships I. Agency A. Agency Defined 1. General Definition 2. Purpose of Relationship 3. Classes of agent – p. 382 B. Creation of Agency Relationship 1. Desire and consent 2. Four methods a. agreement of the parties b. ratification i. express ii. implied iii. Streetscenes c. agency by estoppel d. by operation of law C. Duties and Powers of Agent/Principal 1. Authority a. actual b. apparent 2. Principal’s Duties to Agent a. cooperation b. compensation c. reimbursement d. indemnification 3. Agent Duties to Principal a. duties as fiduciary b. duty of loyalty c. duty of obedience and performance d. duty of reasonable care e. duty to account f. duty to inform g. Bearden D. Liability for Contracts 1. Disclosed principal a. actual authority
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Unformatted text preview: b. apparent authority 2. Undisclosed Principal a. authority b. scope c. Unisource E. Termination of Agency 1. Method of Termination 2. Termination by Operation of Law 3. Professional Business Services Co. II. Employees and Contractors A. Master-servant Relationships B. Employees As Servants and Agents C. Employment-At-Will 1. Geary 2. NC D. Employer-Independent Contractor Relationships 1. Definition of Independent Contractor 2. Contractor as Agent E. Tort Liability 1. General Rule 2. Principal Liability 3. Vicarious Liability a. factors b. respondeat superior c. Read 4. Determining Liability a. variations b. Santiago...
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Chapter 14 notes - b. apparent authority 2. Undisclosed...

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