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Wilhelmi,JohnPaul(23181808) Prof:Gerstel TA: Jessica Soc. 222 INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS AND SEX What is seen as the main economic factor preventing marriage between two happy couples? Money Family in Transition Hook ups” are the new cool. The term “court” now only refers to the judicial building and no longer to supervision of dates by the parents of the girl. People are more likely to have sex in uncommitted relationships with the option of readily available birth control and abortion. These things took away fear from recreational sex and mad it more common. In this study 50% of men and women reported fewer than five dates in 2 years. Men are praised by their male friends for having many hookups while women may be called “slutty”. Although dating may be a thing of the past the double standard still exist that men’s pleasure is more important than women’s. After the sexual revolution Teen sexuality is seen as a social problem of abortion, STD’s, single parenthood. The 1990’s seem to be the turning point for teens under 18 yrs old. From 1991 to 1997
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socwk7 - Wilhelmi,JohnPaul(23181808) Prof:Gerstel TA:...

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