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Wilhelmi,John-Paul History 111 Prof. Bunk TA Lori Satter D-5 10/10/08 Equiano This text gave a real at hand look at the Atlantic slave trade system unlike my historical writings on Atlantic slave trade. Must of the text we have is from slave master or common folk who were not involved in the slave trade in any way. It’s rare to have a first hand account from a person taken into slavery do to the fact that most slaves who no reading or writing skills. This text is a great opportunity for a strong willed slave to explain how he fought slavery and reunited with his Sister. This accountant show us how ruthless the slave master and trader were. They were so ruthless that Equiano said he had wished he was dead when he received his beating for running away. It was such a ruthless beating that the only way to be free and escape was to be dead. They traded slaves like they were trading used goods. It was like shopping to the slave traders, when
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