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Wilhelmi103 - “rest to further the knowledge and...

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Wilhelmi,John-Paul History 111 Prof. Bunk TA Lori Satter D-5 9/19/08 Mourt’s Wrtiings The author Mourt, Justifies the establishment of colonies in America mostly by referencing it to religion and his views of mankind. Mourt says that the colonies are a place away from the distraction of home. The colonies are a place that Mort believes can be molded into whatever dream of. It is a place of freedom and a gift which God has given us as Mourt believe God has given us the colonies. There is more new land for the people and Mourt believes it to be a gift from God. The colonies are places where not only can a man do good to himself, but also to others. In the colonies a man was free to grow and explore so long as he was putting back into the Commonwealth. Mourt said
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Unformatted text preview: “rest to further the knowledge and salvation of the sons of Adam in the New World”. A New World it was too many. It was a new world were religious freedom was not looked at as treason against the homeland. There was so much to explore, many new gift, and much freedom. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live in the colonies! There is much more land and the opportunity to become wealthy. In whole Mourt uses religion to say that the colonies are a new place with much to offer, and where the resources haven’t dried up. He calls on all men to do there duty to God and receive Gods gift of the colonies and all it has to offer. The people must take care of the colonies as they are servants of God and they must not reject his offerings....
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